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Advisory Board

Team Members

Andrew Marsh

Andrew brings over 25 years of in-depth capital market and asset management experience to 64 NorthWest Partners Ltd. Since 2014 Andrew worked as an equity analyst and chief economist for WPS Advisors Ltd., chaired by Mr. Bill Stewart. Prior to WPS Advisors, Andrew was Chief Investment Strategist for Capital G Investment and chaired the investment committee. Upon Andrew’s move back to Bermuda in 2001, Andrew spent time working with several hedge funds including Nexus Capital (funded by George Soros) and West End Capital (funded by Berkshire Hathaway), heading up the global macro portfolios. After earning (BSc.) in Economics, concentration in finance, from George Mason University, Andrew spent many years in London and Stockholm as a proprietary trader for top investment firms, including Goldman Sachs (J Aron), Dai-Ichi Kango and Alfred Berg. Andrew currently serves as a board member for the Bermuda Public Accountability Board (BPAB) the Bank and Deposit Committee under the Ministry of Finance, Government of Bermuda.


Kevin Lecocq, CFA

Kevin has over 25 years of professional investor experience at leading firms in New York, London and Zurich. As Global Chief Investment Officer at Deutsche Bank Asset & Wealth Management, he oversaw €310 billion in assets on behalf of wealthy families and institutions. As chair of the investment committee, he allocated capital across all asset classes but also directly restructured a troubled billion pound UK commercial property fund inherited from his predecessor. Additional former roles include Global CIO at Barclays Wealth and senior executive positions at UBS and Gen Re/Berkshire Hathaway. Kevin also served five years as an infantry officer in the US Marine Corps and was decorated for heroism in combat. He holds an MBA from UCLA and a BA (honours) from the University of Rochester and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.


Clark Hsu

Clark has over 25 years experience managing capital market risk specializing in quantitative global macro trading and multi-asset options. He is the founder and CIO of Paramita Capital Management and is based in Asia. Through his expertise, Clark has worked for leading investment banks and hedge funds including Vegasoul Capital, a systematic CTA fund, Dresdner Bank’s highly profitable Asia Quant trading team and Deutsche Bank’s largest internal hedge fund group the Equity Property Trading group. Clark also managed the long-dated volatility book for West End Capital (a group funded by Berkshire Hathaway). Clark earned both MS in Computational Finance and MBA degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, BS in Electronics Engineering from National Chiao Tun University, passed 10 US actuarial exams and ranked 2nd place in the worldwide mental math competition awarded in Tokyo.