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Trust Investment Oversight Program

Trust Investment Oversight Program

Collaborating with you, we formulate a best plan that fits the core areas you need to cover.

  • Review the Trust Company‚Äôs policy & procedures specific to investment reviews and assess with your compliance team
  • Identify respective population of Trust and/or Companies to be included
  • Review due diligence files of appointed asset managers/advisors
  • Agree the mechanics of program implementation and maintenance

As a client of 64NW you benefit from our close working relationship which sees us as an extension within your office and team rather than an outsourced function. This is radically different approach that over time will see the acumen of your team grow, enhance end client experiences and create value add.

investment oversight
  • Policy & Procedures
    • IPS & IMA Review Construction & Maintenance
    • Forms or Digital Workflows Investment Questionnaires
  • Board & Management Reporting
    • Compliance Testing & Audit Support

Predictive insights and impartial advice lead to conviction. Conviction leads to improved performance.